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MATIJA MEDEN - intervju v angleščini

Tokrat je zaradi velike branosti intervjuja, ki je bil objavljen na hrvaški spletni strani SPORT INTERVIEW v hrvaškem jeziku, na isti spletni strani nastal še zanimiv intervju v angleščini (KLIK).

We present you one of the best slovenian triathletes. He was 6th at this year European championship in middle distance in Walchsee, Austria.

How would you introduce yourself in five words?

Matija Meden, triathlete, coffee & chocolate addict.

What triggered your interest to triathlon and did you try some other sport before triathlon? Tell us something more about your first experience with triathlon.

I started as a swimmer in primary school. My father did some triathlons in those days and I wanted to try it as well. So I did my first aquathlon (swim, run) and few months later triathlon. I reallized that this could be fun and interesting (more interesting than just watching ceramics in the pool every single day) and decided to add bike and run and join triathlon world.

What do you enjoy most about your sport?

I love being outside in nature and being free. Triathlon gave me all of that. I love riding bike on empty roads, swimming in the sea or lake and running on trail terrain while breathing fresh air. That’s the best filling.

What sport accomplishment are you most proud of?

My 6th place at this year European championship in middle distance in Walchsee, Austria.

What advice could you offer to young triathlete who are thinking of making the step up to Pro level?

Train hard and show others what you are caplable of. Results can only be made with hard work (and a small financal/equipment help, but this will come together with results) and this will lead you to Pro category.

What are your goals for next season?

To get even closer to top triathletes in Europe and rest oft he world. That means a lot of work on my bike level.

How is your training routine like?

That depends on period of the season. In the spring, when the trainings are the longest I usually do swimming in the morning (up to 1,5h), then it’s time for a snack and bike ride (from 1,5 to 3h). After that I have lunch, rest and then run. I’m used to do aproximately 30 hours of training per week in this period. Of course every day is not the same, depends also of intensity of the work.

What is your most favorite workout?

Long bike ride at the weekends. That means 4-5h in sunday morning.

Who is the best athlete you have ever faced?

Jan Frodeno, olympic and Ironman world champion. I raced with him at Ironman Dubai 70.3 this winter. He is a machine.

How do you celebrate your victories once the competition is over?

I don’t usually take time for celebrations during the season. I go for a beer after the race and that’s it. But I take ”party time” when season is over, to clear my head and restart myself 

What is your favourite place for training?

In Istria is ok, when training group is there. Also in Maribor is not bad, we have everything we need, 50m pool, track and plenty of roads for great bike rides.

Who did you admire growing up?

I had more of them, from swimmers, cyclists, triathletes… At the moment my bigest idol is Jan Frodeno, he is really a complete triathlete with olympic and ironman world championship gold.

What question did you hope that I’d ask you, but haven’t? And what is the answer to that question?

I was waiting for the joke question… Here is one, swimmers should understand


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